Local Design Workshop


Design-thinking process

From September 26th to October 1st, the Product Design section spent a week in Orbec, a little town in Normandy, for a revitalisation project. We lived there a new and surprising working experience and human adventure.

With regard to what we saw in the visit of the town, a meeting with the population was organised in the cultural centre where we worked all week, as part of a “design-thinking” process. We were split into three groups to have an exchange with the inhabitants, for them to tell us about the dreams they had for Orbec in the future. We organised a sort of mediation to establish a list of drawbacks that should be solved. Most of the time, we noticed they were complaining about the traffic in the city, but also the lack of activities, tourists and social connexions. At the end of the meeting, the three groups gathered all the things they learnt about the town for them to elaborate a project.

In Orbec
The first group put forward a label: In Orbec, which highlights a synergy of knowledge between shops and craftsmen. In the long run, this label will give the town a strong identity, a great brand image which will stimulate business inside and outside the town.
For example, shopkeepers can fix it on their windows to show their belonging to this local federation, or also directly on their regional products.

Orbec-monde aims at bringing the Lottinoplasty, a unique casting technique invented by the Orbecquois Lottin de Laval in the 19th century, up to date. Reintroducing this technique in the town’s heritage will allow to spread Orbec’s image in the world. By 2023, for the 120th anniversary of Lottin de Laval’s death, Orbec will have become the International Centre of Lottinoplasty, creating a label and a dedicated place for it.

Eau d’Orbec
The project Eau d’Orbec consists in enhancing water and the river which runs in almost all Orbec streets. The project can start as soon as possible by using light effects and a new signage which will stress the poetic nature of water. In the long term, the watermill could be rehabilitated as a cultural centre and even Orbec water could be distributed bottled, as a local product. A beautiful glass bottle could be for sale as a souvenir for tourists.

Those three projects attempted at giving different solutions that could be implemented with the aim of making Orbec more attractive for tourists and activities.

Thanks to Orbec, its welcoming population, our teachers help and active teamworking, we were able to put our knowledge into practice and to offer them solutions they appreciated.

Sacha Buliard, DSAA 1 DP

Teachers: Antoine Fermey and Vincent Rossin

Orbec city : http://www.orbec.fr/