International Design workshop


DSAA 1 DP : Workshop with Japanese students

As a part of a partnership with the TOKYO ZOKEI University, the DSAA 1 Product design department participated in a one-week workshop in the city of Kasama in Japan.

The partnership included two other schools: The Zokei University of Tokyo and the Kasama school of ceramics, which welcomed us in its premises. We all took part in an immersive project, mixing design and crafts.

During this workshop, we were invited to think about objects dedicated to the tableware and the sensory experience it produces. We also took into account the potential offered by the difference between the French and the Japanese cultures to imagine new scenarios. We discovered the school thanks to turning demonstrations performed by the teachers and students from Kasama.

The workshop started with a brainstorming, splitting the whole group in two. We set up methods to communicate efficiently, mostly exchanging thanks to drawing and gestures. The first ideas emerged and we started manipulating the clay, using a potter’s wheel. Sometimes bringing ideas about the concept, sometimes testing to see what was technically possible, our work was based on an exchange of knowledges between the Japanese and the French, the designers and the craftsmen.

The aim of this workshop was to invite the students to work with a real down-to-earth framework for the conception, the experimentation and the production. No new technologies were allowed to be used, we were directly confronted to the main material: clay. We lived an experience of immediate shaping of the objects, avoiding the abstraction of the numerical tools. The materials, their qualities and constraints were our only creative process guide.

The objects produced by the different teams will be enamelled before the end of January 2017. Then, a part of this production will be sent to Paris.

The Product Design department wants to thank sincerely the Kasama's College of Ceramic Art director, the teachers for their availability and expertise and also Mr. Toshiro Tamada for the organization of the workshop.

This time spent in Kasama has been an intensive week of work but also an extraordinary human and sharing experience with the Japanese students and teachers.

Esther Bapsalle, Fanny Pellier, Pauline Jourdan, Sacha Buliard

DSAA 1 Design Produit



Teachers :

Ecole BOULLE / Antoine Fermey and Vincent Rossin

Tokyo ZOKEI / Toshiro Tamada

KASAMA College of Ceramic Art / M.Gomi and M.Sato

Interpreter :