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Stage ERASMUS en IRLANDE Juin 2019

Retour d'expérience

Les élèves du LPMA partis en stage professionnel en Irlande grâce au programme ERASMUS témoignent...

 My Erasmus+ program in Ireland

I had the chance to participate in the Erasmus+ program to carry out a one-month internship in upholstery in Ireland. This internship allowed me to improve my English level even if the Irish accent is sometimes very strong. I quickly got used to the accent thanks to the many discussions I had with my tutor, called M. Seamus, who took the time to explain the instructions to me when sometimes I didn’t understand them.
This internship enabled me to become more autonomous. For instance, I easily learnt to take the different means of transportation of the city all by myself by using the so many bus and train maps!  And I also discovered a culture different from mine.
From a professional point of view I had the chance to learn different upholstery techniques such as car seats renovation, using paint or inlay of pigmented fabric.

Mathias Bedu (Terminale Bac Pro- Upholstery)

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