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Stage ERASMUS en IRLANDE Juin 2019

Retour d'expérience

Les élèves du LPMA partis en stage professionnel en Irlande grâce au programme ERASMUS témoignent....

The story of a tall French student on a small island

I learnt a lot from my Irish experience. It was interesting for several reasons. From a professional point of view, working abroad in a European country enabled me to feel more autonomous. Personally, living 6 weeks away from my family helped to grow up and be more mature. Finally, from a cultural point of view, Ireland is a beautiful country with incredible and diverse landscapes: less than one hour by car between the sea and the mountains! I met French people but also German and some English people who have been living there for several years. Irish people are very welcoming and helpful. When they realize that you don’t understand them, they can smooth out their accent.


Théodore Ivanoff (BMA Cabinet Making)

 Témoignage en français